Asian Dating Tips

You can find a lot of tips on dating online, and many of them are pretty much the same thing.  This article will focus on a few important ones that are particularly helpful.   A lot of these suggestions may be true for any person of any race or ethnicity.  However, some of them are more compatible or useful for many Asians.  First, as trite and cliché as it sounds, listening is imperative.  This means to be thoughtful of your date’s needs and concerns and to be attentive and well-mannered at all times.  To be able to listen well is probably the biggest asset you can have in a successful in a relationship, yet so many people just are not good listeners.  Try to keep listening in mind at all times, even if the conversation is boring.  Do not be selfish, and be willing and open to do some things that are out of your comfort zone.  However, this does not mean to transform oneself into someone else.  People trying to pretend to be someone they’re not will jeopardize the relationship in the long run.  Essentially, it is lying, and the truth comes out eventually.   In other words, just be yourself.

This brings out the second point, which is honesty.  Do not exaggerate or flaunt your education, financial situation or any other social status that a person might think would be impressive.  Many Asian men want to brag about this kind of stuff, because they are overcompensating for what they believe is a lack in other areas, such as personality or physical attractiveness.  This also means to be upfront about any information that you think might be a problem later on if the relationship continues.  As far as pushing relationships too quickly, everyone is different.  How fast or slow the relationship should progress is entirely dependent upon the person.

Essentially, when it comes to dating, it is the personality that will win in the end.  While everything including physical appearance, confidence, etc. is extremely important, if your personality is boring, there is nothing anyone can do.  Everyone is interesting is some way, but some people do not have the capability to express it.   This inability of expression can be attributed to many different things.  One of them is shyness.  It is a problem for many Asians, especially the men.  To be extremely shy and never make a move will eventually spell death in a date.  Being shy can be an asset and cute in some cases, but if the attention or affection is never reciprocated, the other person will simply feel disliked.

Another thing Asians tend to do is to congregate only with other Asians.  Everyone has their own little social group, but if you are dating a person of another race, this kind of behavior ultimately will be detrimental.  If your friends are all Asian, make the effort to introduce the guy or girl into the circle of friends so no one feels left out and intrusive.   Another suggestion is to stop focusing on race in the relationship if it is interracial.  Treat it like any other relationship.  Race being brought up as a topic makes for bad conversation, and there is nothing worse for a relationship than a person constantly bringing up race.  Hence, just focusing on these little things can make a big difference.

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